Analyza a Riot (Detroit, 1943)

A Pogram is an assault condoned by officials to destroy a community. The Detriot Pogram was a major disorder. It is believed to have been started over a recreational dispute when african americans were kicked out of an amusement park and had to walk three miles to a public beach where the Pogram occurred. The follwo riot resulted in 34 deaths, 760 injured, and 2 million dollars worth of property damage over the span of three days.  Chaos followed when white mobs took to the streets. They threw african americans out of their cars a targeted black officials, one of whom was a physician who was on the “white” side of town, the west. The dispute occurred on the “black” side of the city in the east. When law enforcement got involved they tried to send citizens to their respective sides but it did not fix the violence. Of the  34 confirmed deaths all of whom were black,16 murders were committed by police officers. It was stated that the officers were explicitly told to use lethal force. It eventually became too much for the local police to handle so they received aid from the government and under a state emergency federal troops arrived. A quote that stuck out to me was, “Black movement was the moral equivalent of war.” Yes, both sides could have definitely handled to the situation better, but with that being said the disparity in loss and targeting of the black community constitutes this riot as a pogram.