Creating a Timeline

I noticed events tended to cluster early in the morning or late at night. I didn’t have as many events throughout the middle of the day. A lot of events also seemed to lead to or trigger one another. Naturally if there is a disturbance at the bus stop then there will be a disturbance on and off the bus following the ride.

I would say that not only most of the data is in clusters, but they are also connected in time as well. Most of the data I collected had distinct categories but where I didn’t I decided to opt for calling it a confrontation if it didn’t fit a particular group which could make my data appear to rigid as if there were extremely clear categories but it is a data creation preference of mine.

The gaps in the timeline could but from unreported incidents or the gaps in my timeline due to recording data errors. Having a wider range or more sources would be able to fill in those gaps, but just as we learned in class if the police are not reporting their own incidents and can’t come up with the information, besides reports how are we supposed to know that they happened.

There are around 10 events missing from my timeline that is on my spreadsheet, I determined that it wouldn’t add any supporting evidence that had not already been included and removed it from the timeline assignment. I do have missing data; I remember reading about police on black violence, but it was hard to find unless it was in one of the scanned newspapers. This could explain the gaps in data that I saw because the rioting didn’t stop, I am just missing information.

I’ve settled my decision on a Race Riot because in the Detroit’s riots there isn’t one group that is at fault for the event but both sides are senselessly targeting each other duo to bubbling up conflicts and pressures at the time. We have whites and blacks stoning each other, looting, destruction of property. So, rather than a planned action to this was more people caught up in the hysteria and making a dangerous situation worse. Knowing the events definitely helps because I clearly denote specific events that happened in the riot that I can base my opinion on.


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