Creating Data

In my last assignment, I evaluated my data as an uprising but as I had mentioned it had no political drive behind it. After further gathering my dad it would be more accurate to describe it as a  race riot or a major disorder because there is no clear side, and to pick a specific title would be making concessions and further applying incorrect labels.

My data Strongly Agrees with the label I have now applied to my event because there is nonsensical violence between both white and black populations but I cannot put a label to choose among the groups.

Major Disorder: Neutral Language because the upheavals evoked such varying Responses within the communities where they occurred. To choose another label would be choosing among groups. Lasting longer than 2 days sizeable crowds and national guard.

Riot: One group publicly with little to no attempt at concealment illegally assaulting at least one other group or illegally attacking invading property.

Knowing the details of my event definitely helped me find a more suitable label because I can specifically see what is happening when and to whom. I was already growing closer to this decision on our last assignment simply because we had more articles to draw from but now this solidified my findings further.

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